Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Pineapple Cake

TaiTai 太太's New Favourite

I have just learned about this amazing pineapple cake which comes from Taiwan and sold at Raffles Hotel in Singapore.

" All the ingredients being used are the finest chosen ones without additives or preservatives. The pineapples are sun-ripened which organically grown in Taiwan and took 18 months to reach its full flavor. Each pineapple only can be used to make six to seven pineapple cakes. The other finest ingredients are natural New  Zealand  butter,  Japanese gourmet flour, and  the  healthiest  red plump‐yolked  eggs  from local  farm."     --  MORE

Apparently good cake cannot be more than 3 weeks old so we wait anxiously for next parcel   - MORE 

Thank you Kaitlyn for your introduction.  Or rather thank you to you boyfriend's Auntie for the sample.   Its my new favourite.

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